1. How do I know if my package will ship LTL? 
  • Items that require LTL shipments are labeled with a “This item ships LTL” red banner across the item image. Less than truckload freight shipping (LTL) is used for the transportation of small freight (typically palletized or in a wooden crate) or when freight doesn’t require the use of an entire trailer. 


2. How is the LTL freight cost determined?  

  • A CryoWorks representative will reach out via phone to offer shipping speeds and options. Upon approval of method, speed and cost, CryoWorks will request confirmation of charges by either email response or a returned signed sales order.

3. What shipping options are available? 

  • Customers can “will call” (store pick up) their items Monday - Friday from 7am- 4pm at the side of the warehouse in our shipping department.
  • Customers can provide their own freight account information at checkout (Ship method= Collect).
  • For packaged items, ground and rush delivery options are available.
  • For items that require shipping via LTL, a CryoWorks representative will personally reach out and arrange the speed and costs for your order.  Please see FAQ #1 to identify if an item that ships LTL.

4. How soon will my items ship? 

  • "In Stock" status is subject to change at anytime. Most items will ship within 1-2 business days (excludes holidays). The lead time for items requiring fabrication can be found on the item record. For the most accurate lead times or fabrication updates, please reach out via phone (951) 360-0920 or email: customerservice@cryoworks.net

 5. What payment options are available?

  • If you are not currently set up on terms you can pay with a debit or credit card.
  • If you would like to set up terms with us, please fill out the credit application linked on the home page footer and email it to us at: customerservice@cryoworks.net


6. What if I need to edit my order?

  • If the order has not shipped, CryoWorks can happily assist you in editing the order. Please call (951) 360-0920 and have your order # for reference. 

7. What are standard customer service hours?

  • Monday - Friday 7:30am - 4:00pm

8. What if I can only accept shipments during certain hours / days? 

  • When checking out, complete the "special instructions" field. 
  • If your order is already placed but not yet shipped, you can reach out to us at: (951) 360-0920 OR customerservice@cryoworks.net to add this request to your order.

9. What if my order is tax exempt / partially exempt?

  • At checkout, you will be asked to declare your taxability status.
  • If you are tax exempt or partially taxable and DO NOT have a certificate on file with us, our accounting department will reach out to collect the exemption certificate and confirm tax details for your order. 
  • Any order without an exemption certificate will be fully taxable.

10. Does Shop.CryoWorks.net ship internationally? 

  • Standard shipping rates apply in the Continental US, for international shipments please call (951) 360-0920 to place your order.

11. Will all of my purchased items be packaged together?

  • CryoWorks will ship complete orders as a default; partial shipments will be sent depending on customer special instructions for CryoWorks discretion.
  • Please see section 11 of Terms and Conditions

12. What if my item is damaged in transit?

13. Do CryoWorks products come with a warranty?

14. Is there a cancellation / return policy?