Transfer Hoses

CryoWorks fabricates all flexible metal hose assemblies in house, and we stock large quantities of the flex hose styles and the standard end connections in both vacuum insulated and non-insulated hoses. We strive to provide the highest quality flexible metal hose assemblies whether the application is a low-pressure, high pressure, vacuum insulated or non-insulated. Every hose assembly is leak checked to ensure a long service life. From engineering to fabrication, we have an experienced team ready to support your flexible metal hose requirements.

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SKU: CA02300

FH VJ 8ft 0.375in ID

SKU: CA02290

Ships within 2 Weeks

FH VJ 6ft 0.375in ID

SKU: CA01070

FH 10ft 3/4 ID 1/2 FF

SKU: CA01060

FH 8ft 3/4 ID 1/2 FF

SKU: CA01050

Ships within 2 Weeks

FH 6ft 3/4 ID 1/2 FF

SKU: CA01040

Ships within 2 Weeks

FH 4ft 3/4 ID 1/2 FF

SKU: CA00547

FH VJ 50ft 0.5in ID

SKU: CA00545

Ships within 2 Weeks

FH VJ 40ft 0.5in ID

SKU: CA00530

FH VJ 30ft 0.5in ID

SKU: CA00520

FH VJ 25ft 0.5in ID

SKU: CA00510

FH VJ 20ft 0.5in ID

SKU: CA00500

FH VJ 15ft 0.5in ID

SKU: CA00490

FH VJ 12ft 0.5in ID

SKU: CA00480

FH VJ 10ft 0.5in ID

SKU: CA00470

FH VJ 8ft 0.5in ID

SKU: CA00460

FH VJ 6ft 0.5in ID

SKU: CA00450

FH VJ 4ft 0.5in ID