Vacuum Insulated Transfer Hoses

CryoWorks offers vacuum insulated transfer hoses that are lightweight, extremely flexible, and thermally-efficient. They provide faster, more consistent liquid delivery with a safe to touch jacket. They are designed to save you time and money!

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SKU: CA02300

FH VJ 8ft 0.375in ID

SKU: CA02290

Ships within 2 Weeks

FH VJ 6ft 0.375in ID

SKU: CA00547

Ships within 2 Weeks

FH VJ 50ft 0.5in ID

SKU: CA00545

FH VJ 40ft 0.5in ID

SKU: CA00530

FH VJ 30ft 0.5in ID

SKU: CA00520

FH VJ 25ft 0.5in ID

SKU: CA00510

FH VJ 20ft 0.5in ID

SKU: CA00500

FH VJ 15ft 0.5in ID

SKU: CA00490

FH VJ 12ft 0.5in ID

SKU: CA00480

FH VJ 10ft 0.5in ID

SKU: CA00470

FH VJ 8ft 0.5in ID

SKU: CA00460

FH VJ 6ft 0.5in ID

SKU: CA00450

FH VJ 4ft 0.5in ID